Blueberry Lodge story

About us

The story of Blueberry lodge

Common vision and philosophy

Come to Blueberry Lodge to reconnect with the true and authentic nature, with friends or your family. Those are fundamental principles from all the founding team of Blueberry Lodge : share and authenticity.

We are two french family behind the blueberry Lodge.

Faustine and Emeric found in love with the north traveling a whole year in Canada in 2015. They discovered wildlife and beautiful landscapes of North america. Experiences in different lodges nature oriented with authenticity values, give them the idea to run their own tourist place ; to share this philosophy.

Their son Isaac joined the Lapland’s adventure few months before the great start !

Florine (Faustine’s sister) and Benjamin traveled during the winter time the same year through scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Finland) in a camper. They found in love with the last wild Europe’s places, and especially Sweden, where nature and family life are in the heart of the daily life.

Their daughter Esther also joined the journey… and recently their son, Sandro, in june 2023 !

Back from their trips that changed their mind and idea of life, the new journey was all found : Blueberry Lodge is borned !

So you probably understood it, Blueberry Lodge founder vision is to offer a true experience with nature, family or friends.

Have a nice trip

“Live an authentic Swedish’s Lapland discovering and in a small group.”

Blueberry Lodge Team.

Practical Info

How to come ?

By plane : from France, Orly airport (Paris) offers direct flight with Transavia. In only 3 and a half hour you will be in Luleå, which is the closest airport from Blueberry Lodge.

By car : we are located 15 minutes from Överkalix and 1h20 north from Luleå.


Grocery : in Överkalix only 15 minutes away.

Shopping : in Luleå (1h15 away) and Överkalix at 15 minutes.

How to Dress in the great north ?

Once you have booked, we will send you an informative list about the equipment in winter time for your stay.

You can also rent winter clothes for about 2500 kr / adult – 1800 kr/child. It includes jacket, pant, boots and gloves (all for extreme cold).

Watch our movie about how our Swedish’s Lapland adventure starts.


Why will you not book a photo shoot to keep good memories of your trip ?

You will be able to book a time with professional photographer Emeric.