Dogsled, snowshoe hike, nordic skiing, ice fishing, snowmobile, meet reindeers and moose, northern lights hunt. Live those activities in small group to fully enjoy a special moment

For information all prices mentioned below are in swedish krown (kr). For info : 1000 kr are about 84€. Change moving constantly click here to get exact conversion.


Do you know a better activity as exotic than running a dog team in Swedish’s boreal forest ? Dog sledding excursion in Lapland are an essential and unbelievable experience.

Price / Time :

1900 kr / adult – half day

1300 kr / child (4/9ans) – half day

3450 kr / adult – full day


Go and explore untouch landscape with snowshoes. Perfect to go deep out of trails, our guides will adapt the trip to show you the nearby wonders.

Price / time :

750 kr / adult – half day

350 kr / child – half day

1600 kr / adult – full day

Nordic ski

With nordic ski you can travel through peaceful landscape, in the heart of the forest or on the frozen lake. The perfect way of travel to blend into the Lapland’s background.

Price / time :

750 kr / adult – half day

350 kr / child – half day

1600 kr / adult – full day

Northern Lights tour

Located few kilometers from Polar Arctic Circle, Blueberry Lodge is a perfect place to watch northern lights. Choose a trip with our guides to know a bit more about lady Aurora.

Price / Time :

From 750 kr / person – 2h (with ski or snowshoes)

From 900 kr / person – 2h (with sled behind snowmobil)

Meet Reindeers

Visit the reindeers and meet the Sami owner around a Fika. A moment full of sweetness and authenticity to liveduring your stay. Reindeers and Lapland are inseparables.

Price / Time :

700 kr / person – 1h30


Come and relax in our sauna and nordic bath. Live the true swedish wellness experience. Enjoy a beautiful view on nature. Only on booking, private access (fika included).

Price / Time :

1600 kr – 2h


We guide you to the fishing spot, which can be on the lake or the frozen river. You will drill your own hole in the ice and try to catch your fish. We will stay around a hour and enjoy a warm drink.

Price / Time :

from 500 kr / person – 2 h

Possibility to combine this activity with snowshoe, ski or snowmobile trip.

Moose farm

Meet the forest’s king. With a weight which can reach 475 kg and a size of 230 cm at the withers, we easily understand its nickname ; the world’s oldest deer family as moose is a prehistoric animal !

Price / Time :

400 kr / adult

250 kr / child


Go deeper in Lapland’s nature, traveling through forests, frozen rivers and lakes. About 2 hours of driving for half day trip and enjoy a warm drink in the middle of stunning landscapes.

Price / Time :

1100 kr / adult – pour 1/2 journée

950 kr / child (4/9ans) – half day

2450 kr / adult – 1 journée

A family Journey

Travel with your children in Lapland

Blueberry Lodge, a paradise for young and grown up. We are living here with young kids for few years now and we want you to discover the Lapland’s happiness with your children, even the small ones. We know how to advice you how to wear your little one to have a wonderful time in family and created good memories. Our accommodation are perfectly adapted for family holidays. You will find spacy chalet and needed intimity for wonderful family vacations. Main of the activities we are offering can be adapted to you can join with your children ! contact us for more information and organize your family trip in Lapland.



We will advice you different spots to visit during your stay. Here are some ideas.

The Church-town

Close from Luleå, you would be able to visit Gammelstad, a swedish church-town of 4 892 people inscribed on the unesco world heritage list. Its 424 wooden houses, tight around the stone church built in the early 15th century, were only used during worship days and religious festivals by the faithful coming from the surrounding countryside.

Jakob gården

Cross the ice road to reach this lovely place. You will drive your car on the frozen lake !

Borned in the area and passionnated breeder, Katarina will welcome you to the farm. She will explain you how she takes care of the sheeps, how she handle the wool and make nice sweater with. She will tell you how livestock lives at those latitudes. You also find a lovely shop in a typical old style swedish house.

Waterfall of Jockfall

48 kilometers from the Blueberry Lodge. You will cross the polar arctic circle to reach the beautiful Jockfall and be able to take nice a picture in front of the sign. Jockfall is well-known through Europe for the baltic salmon coming upstream in summertime. Many fishermen come here then.

Luleå city

Come during the coldest months to walk on the frozen sea. The botnie gulf froze because of the brackish water, neither salty nor fresh, a mix of the river and the sea. Every year, Luleå set “isbanan” a frozen trail of 4 kilometers. Luleå city (where is the closest airport) offer different stores and restaurant for a lovely shopping day.


239 kilometers from Blueberry Lodge.

Jokkmokk is quiet famous in Sweden for its yearly Sami market. Since 1605, every first february week-end, Sami communities scattered between Norway and the extreme Kola peninsula, in the whole Sapmi land, meet to celebrate together their culture and history.


174 kilometers from Blueberry Lodge.

In Rovaniemi in Finland, you would be able to walk along the famous Santa claus village and even take a picture with the famous one.

Storforsen rapids

Located 123 kilometers from Blueberry Lodge.

The natural area of storforsen will give you a nice show either in summer or winter time. PiteÄlve rapids are from the greatest in Europe.
“Storforsen means “big rapids” : on 600 meters, Piteå river loose 50 meters of elevation, in a huge sound in summer and a magical show in winter.

Ice hotel

Ice hotel

Located 206 kilometers from Blueberry Lodge.
In Jukkasjärvi, a small town located 200 kilometers north from the polar arctic circle, stand the icehotel. This artistic project last for the last 20 years. Picture from here travel in the entire world.